Walking Football

Team Manager: Glyn Harding

The beautiful game at a slower pace

University of Worcester
Day: Mondays
Time: 2:00pm-3:30pm
Cost: £2.50

Walking Football is an inclusive, fun and sociable small sided version of the game. Whether you are looking to keep fit, get back to playing or play for the first time there are plenty of opportunities across Worcestershire to get involved.

“I love football, both playing and watching. I had to stop playing many years ago after suffering a nasty ankle break and never recovered the flexibility. I found that Walking Football allows me to play the game I love again.”
Richard, 57

“Walking Football enables me to maintain a certain level of fitness and also has led to me meeting and getting to know people in a similar situation”.
Simon, 56

“Walking Football has allowed me to play the game with likeminded people who love the game. It improves my fitness & stamina.”
John, 59

“Even though I am only 37 I went along to try it out at one of the sessions and really enjoyed it. I was recovering from a couple of injuries and enjoyed the fact it was a little easier on the muscles. I say a little easier, I was just a sweaty from playing as I would be from a normal game! I enjoy the fact it is just as much fun as a full game of 5 a side, and you have to think about where you are positioned and where you are going to pass the ball as no one can run”
Chris, 37